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Given a valuation on the function field k( x; y), we examine the set of images of nonzero elements of the underlying polynomial ring k[ x; y] under this valuation. For an arbitrary field k, a Noetherian power series is a map z : Q --> k that has Noetherian (i.e., reverse well-ordered) support. Each Noetherian power series induces a natural valuation on k( x; y). Although the value groups corresponding to such valuations are well-understood, the restrictions of the valuations to underlying polynomial rings have yet to be characterized. Let Lambda(n) denote the images under the valuation v of all nonzero polynomials f is an element of k[ x; y] of at most degree n in the variable y. We construct a bound for the growth of Lambda(n) with respect to n for arbitrary valuations, and then specialize to valuations that arise from Noetherian power series. We provide a sufficient condition for this bound to be tight.

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First published in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society in 2004, published by the American Mathematical Society

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Mosteig, E., Sweedler, M. The Growth of Valuations on Rational Function Fields in Two Variables, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. vol. 132 (2004) pp. 3473-3483.

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