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MemphiSTEP is a five-year STEM Talent Expansion Program at the University of Memphis sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The project focuses on retention and persistence to graduation to increase the number of STEM majors and graduates. The project includes a range of student retention programs, including a Summer Mathematics Bridge Bootcamp, Networking Program, Research Award Program, Travel Award program and STEM Learning Communities; Results from the first four years of the project suggest that MemphiSTEP is making a positive impact on student retention and performance in STEM fields. Our data indicate that even after controlling for gender, race, and prior performance, STEM students taking part in MemphiSTEP activities are retained at higher rates and perform better than University of Memphis STEM students who have not participated in MemphiSTEP activities.

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Windsor, A., Bargagliotti, A., Best, R., Franceschetti, D., Haddock, J., Ivey, S., & Russomanno, D., (2015). Increasing Retention in STEM: Results from a STEM Talent Expansion Program at the University of Memphis. Journal of STEM Education, 16, 2.