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The promise of B2B e-commerce had led to an explosion in the number of e-marketplaces as firms adopted a "launch and learn" strategy. However a cash crisis and continuing losses led to tremendous consolidation in these marketplaces. This scenario was mirrored in Latin America too. With the growing importance of B2B e-commerce worldwide, Latin American firms cannot ignore the competitive advantages that accrue by employing the Internet into their strategies. This paper presents a variety of decision models that small and medium enterprises can employ to integrate the Internet into their business decisions and thereby remain competitive.

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Rohm, Andrew & Kashyap, Vishal & Brashear, Thomas & Milne, George. (2004). The use of online marketplaces for competitive advantage: A Latin American perspective. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing. 19. 372-385. 10.1108/08858620410556318.