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This study presents a mixed-method approach for segmenting a sports product-market using participation motivation data. Qualitative data are used to segment a national sports product-market—running footwear—using qualitative analysis software as well as multivariate statistical approaches. This study describes a systematic approach to developing a consumer segmentation typology using both demographic variables as well as self-expressed motivations for sport and fitness participation. The mixed-method approach reported here employs qualitative data to help validate subsequent quantitative cluster analysis, and draws upon cluster profiles to establish the structure for market segmentation. The findings from this study offer implications for marketing research and marketing communications in the sport industry.

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Rohm, Andrew J., George R. Milne, and Mark McDonald (2006), “A Mixed-Method Approach for Developing Market Segmentation Typologies in the Sports Industry,” Sport Marketing Quarterly, 15 (1), 29-39.

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