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Given the great potential of developing marketing campaigns delivered via mobile devices and the evolution of near-field communication technologies, this study examines factors influencing consumers' acceptance of untethered, or mobile, marketing across three influential markets: the United States, China, and Europe. We examine the extent to which the usefulness of mobile information/programs and individual characteristics-namely innovativeness, personal attachment, and risk avoidance-jointly influence attitudes toward mobile marketing, and how the latter influences consumers' mobile marketing activity across three large and influential markets. We found perceived usefulness, consumer innovativeness, and personal attachment to directly influence attitudes toward mobile marketing in all three markets. In China and Europe, risk avoidance also negatively influences attitudes toward mobile marketing. Marketers seeking to build and maintain customer relationships via mobile platforms should view these individual characteristics as levers brands can push to amplify consumers' acceptance of mobile marketing.

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Andrew J. Rohm, Tao (Tony) Gao, Fareena Sultan, Margherita Pagani. "Brand in the hand: A cross-market investigation of consumer acceptance of mobile marketing", Business Horizons, Volume 55, Issue 5, 2012. Pages 485-493,"