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The article provides information on the evolution of electronic business strategies including the benefits of online marketing. The Internet unquestionably represents a significant change in the competitive landscape by offering traditional firms new and innovative ways to increase efficiencies, strengthen communication efforts, forge better customer relationships and build stronger brands. Managers at such firms, well established prior to the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, now recognize the Internet as a mechanism for reducing costs and increasing value chain efficiency, forging customer relationships and strengthening brands, as opposed to simply generating revenue online. Automobile manufacturer Saturn exhibits a collaborative approach to electronic-business as illustrated by its dealer-focused customer relations management initiative. Firms are becoming more sophisticated in the use of the Internet in marketing communications. This may be a function of the evolution of information technology in general. By attracting visitors to its Web site via promotions and downloadable content, footwear manufacturer Reebok is attempting to shift attitudes toward its brand. Unlike television or print, the Internet uniquely can respond to the individual visiting the page, whether through sign-ins or cookies.

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Rohm, Andrew J., and Fareena Sultan. 2004. “The Evolution of E-Business.” Marketing Management 13 (1): 32–37.