Various Aspects of Art Therapy in Mexico/Algunos Aspectos de la Terapia de Arte en México

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Book Chapter

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Art therapy in Mexico is inherently multilayered, combining contextual meanings of art within Mexican culture with understandings of psychotherapy and with experiences of art therapy as a specific profession that has transplanted itself in Mexican soil. This chapter focuses on art therapy that grew out of the connections between Californian art therapists and psychoanalytically-trained psychologists from Mexico City. It is written in three parts: (1) an overview of the context that provided fertile ground for the development of art therapy in Mexico; (2) the development of art therapy in Mexico; and (3) the specific story of the American/ Mexican collaboration that lead to the Instituto Mexicano de Psicoterapia de Arte. The chapter talks about the facilitators of a clinical art psychotherapy program in Mexico, focusing on the development of summer courses in San Miguel de Allende as the original core, interweaving experiences, intentions, and hopes for this program.