Necessity and Rational Insight: BonJour and Audi on A Priori Justification

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This paper examines a point of difference between the otherwise very similar rational epistemologies recently put forth by Laurence BonJour and Robert Audi. As internalists about a priori justification, BonJour and Audi agree that for one to be a priori justified in believing a proposition, one must be able to see that the proposition is true, or likely to be true. BonJour claims, more specifically, that one must have rational insight into the necessity of the proposition. Audi, on the other hand, denies this claim. While there are certain instances of a priori justification that might initially seem to support Audiís view, I argue that in fact they do not, and that BonJourís view is therefore preferable. Ultimately at stake is a question about the basic requirements of a priori justification.


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Baehr, Jason. 2003. “Necessity and Rational Insight : BonJour and Audi on A Priori Justification.” Journal of Philosophical Research 28 (January): 361–70. https://doi.org/10.5840/jpr20032833.