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We present a comprehensive analysis of the spacetime structure and thermodynamics of ( 1 + 1 )-dimensional black holes in a noncommutative framework. It is shown that a wider variety of solutions are possible than the commutative case considered previously in the literature. As expected, the introduction of a minimal length √ θ cures singularity pathologies that plague the standard two-dimensional general relativistic case, where the latter solution is recovered at large length scales. Depending on the choice of input parameters (black hole mass M, cosmological constant Λ , etc.), black hole solutions with zero, up to six, horizons are possible. The associated thermodynamics allows for the either complete evaporation, or the production of black hole remnants.

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This is an author-manuscript of an article accepted for publication in Physical Review D following peer review. The version of record is available online at:

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Mureika, J.R. and Nicolini, P., "Aspects of noncommutative (1+1)-dimensional black holes," Phys. Rev. D 84, 044020 (2011).

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