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We continue our analysis of Newtonian Fractional-Dimension Gravity (NFDG), an extension of the standard laws of Newtonian gravity to lower dimensional spaces including those with fractional (i.e., non-integer) dimension. We apply our model to three rotationally supported galaxies: NGC 7814 (Bulge-Dominated Spiral), NGC 6503 (Disk Dominated Spiral), and NGC 3741 (Gas-Dominated Dwarf). As was done in the general cases of spherically-symmetric and axially-symmetric structures, which were studied in previous work on the subject, we examine a possible connection between NFDG and Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND), a leading alternative gravity model which explains the observed properties of these galaxies without requiring the Dark Matter (DM) hypothesis. In NFDG, the MOND acceleration constant a_{0}