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In an experiment on the influence of noun imagery on the speed of naming visually presented nouns, it was found that high-imagery nouns were named, on an average, 14 msec faster than low-imagery nouns. The difference, although small, was highly significant [F(l,14) = 10.04]. The magnitude of this effect was about one-third of that obtained when subjects were required to identify the grammaticality of phrases containing these same nouns, indicating that speed of encoding was probably a more important factor than speed of recognition in producing a noun imagery effect in speed of grammaticality judgments.

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Grant, D.A., Kadlac, J.A., Zajano, M.J., Hellige, J.B. et al. Influence of noun imagery on speed of naming nouns. Bull. Psychon. Soc. 9, 433–434 (1977).

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