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Spring 3-24-1996



This first issue of Loyola Law School's Science Fiction Law Journal is the result of the tireless work of dozens of people. To start, I'd like to personally thank my exemplary volunteer staff. Their dedication has been nothing short of heroic.

L.C. Strudwick- Turner and Stephen Q. Mitchell, professional case briefers for the Los Angeles Daily Journal and superb lawyers in their own right, graciously agreed to edit and proof our boards.

To the attorneys and law students across the US who have written me repeatedly to advance the idea of a biennial science fiction journal (especially the voices from Yale, CUNY, UC Davis and Chapel Hill), I deeply appreciate the kind words. Without your support, I wouldn't have had the resolve to make it through.

Professor Karl Manheim, a Constitutional Law scholar at Loyola Law School, supplied key legal commentary. We are much obliged to him for it.

My friend and fellow editor of the Loyola Reporter Newspaper, David Paul Bleistein, instructed me in the use of QuarkXPress and let me create this on his hardware.

Our two staff writers, Eugene K. Polk, a public defender in Pensacola, Florida (University of Florida/Law) and David C. Webb, a construction law litigator in Brunswick, Maine (Suffolk University), worked weeks finetuning the case hypotheticals.

Prof. Jan C. Costello kindly allowed us to reprint a significant portion of her Seton Hall Law Review article on the legal ramifications of living in space.

However, it is to our Art Director (and my wife), Debbie Rogers, who has managed not only to live with my quest to make this journal become reality but to, incredibly, encourage it, that the greatest thanks must go.

This first edition is dedicated to her and my two sons, Joshua and Jacob.

John Rogers
Loyola Law School Los Angeles
March 24, 1996





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The Science Fiction Law Journal of Loyola Law School is based in the Loyola Reporter Newspaper Office on the first floor of the Rains Library. The Journal is a private, non-profit publication. Interested parties may write the Journal c/o Loyola Law School, 919 N. Albany St., Los Angeles, CA 90015.

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