A novel four-port high isolation MIMO antenna design for high-capacity wireless applications

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A novel four-port multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) antenna with high isolation is proposed in this article. This antenna is fabricated on a FR4 substrate with a compact size of 84 mm × 26 mm × 1.6 mm (0.98λ × 0.3λ × 0.019λ, λ is the wavelength at 3.5 GHz). The design adopts curved slot-lines on both sides of the substrate to enhance the isolation level and radiation in the working bands. The measured results show that the fabricated prototype can cover the working bands of advanced TD-LTE, WiLAN/WiFi, and cognitive radio applications with good radiation pattern characteristics. Furthermore, the isolation among multiple ports exceeds 15, 28, and 16 dB in the three working bands respectively, and high channel capacities could be achieved by this four-port design.


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