#UnyieldingTruth: Employing culturally relevant pedagogy

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With the advent of social media, the imperceptible struggles of Black students at predominantly White institutions (PWI) are more apparent than ever. Merging aesthetics firmly rooted in the African continuum with the pedagogical wisdom of Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire, the authors have devised new teaching methodologies and performance modalities building upon inclusive and thoroughly non-traditional performance techniques found in Hip Hop Theatre (HHT) and Theatre of the Oppressed (TO). There is a huge need for social justice advocacy and social change. Their classes reflect the need and ground the pedagogical impulses of their artistry. They strive to successfully take their students on an inward journey of self-discovery to an outward engagement with social justice issues for others.


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Sicre. D & Johnson, K. “#UnyieldingTruth: Employing the Culturally Responsive Pedagogy”. Black Acting Methods: Critical Approaches. Luckett & Shaffer, eds. New York: Routledge, 2016.