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Recent high school graduates and college-goers are spearheading a "youth theatre movement" in Kolkata, creating a thriving parallel to the mainstream Bengali group theatre in the city. [1] Although dismissed by the theatre fraternity as a mere youthful adventure, the youth theatre is very much present and is, in many ways, paving the way for the future of Bengali language theatre. In this paper, I will study the work of three youth theatre groups focusing on organization, funding, and working process. At the end of the essay I will be reviewing six productions by these youth theatre groups from Kolkata: God's Toilet and Amra Bangali Jati (We the Bengalis) by Hypokrites, A Good Play and The Burqa, The Bikini and Other Veils by M.A.D. (Mad About Drama) and Biswasta Jalojan o Aloukik Arohira (The Trusted Ship and Remarkable Passengers) and Nobel Chor (Nobel Prize thief) by 4th Bell Theatres. I selected these three groups for their consistency in producing new work and because of the leading role that they have taken in giving this theatre movement its shape and form.

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Banerji, Arnab. “Taking the Stage by Storm: Theatre of, by, and for the Youth in Kolkata, India.” Cerebration, 2016,