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The resemblances between many animals and humans, not least in their dependency of food and air, has given to animals a special status in all religions.” This is the first sentence from the entry on animals in The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions (1997). Yet species of wild animals are being driven to extinction at accelerating rates. Farm animals are being increasingly manipulated through factory farms and genetic engineering to enhance production. What do the religions of the world tell us of the purpose of nonhuman animals in the natural order and humans’ moral responsibility to them? This issue presents excerpts from a few chapters in a forthcoming book focused on animals in religion. It also features some paper presentations and describes the activities of the Animals and Religion Consultation of the American Academy of Religion.

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Chapple, Chirstopher. "The Tradition of Animal Protection in Jaina Religion. In Earth Ethics: Evolving Values for an Earth Community". Volume 12, Number 2. Fall 2004 .