The Strategy for Korea's Economic Success


The Strategy for Korea's Economic Success



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The success of Korea has inspired numerous research studies in the past decade but the studies have not been able to satisfactorily explain Korea’s "miraculous" economic growth. Dr. Moon discusses his new model that explains how a country or firm can develop a competitive advantage over others without being more innovative or resourceful.

Hwy-Chang Moon received his PhD from the University of Washington and is currently a visiting scholar at Stanford University’s Asia Pacific Research Centera as well as a professor at Seoul National University, where he also served as dean. He has delivered special lectures at various institutions, including Helsinki School of Economics, Keio University, and Stanford University. Dr. Moon has also consulted several multinational companies, international organizations, and governments (e.g., Malaysia, Dubai, Azerbaijan, and the Guangdong Province of China). He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Journal of International Business and Economy, and has published numerous articles and books on topics covering International Business Strategy, Cross-Cultural Management, and Economic Development in East Asia with a focus on Korea.

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The Strategy for Korea's Economic Success

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