Can Chinese Enterprises Globalize?

Can Chinese Enterprises Globalize?



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Mr. Leung will discuss the basic structure of the Chinese economy and its major institutions: From planned and centralized to still heavily state-owned economy. He will also cover what role Chinese enterprises play in the world economy and how their evolvement affects American interests.

Frankie Leung is admitted to practice law in Hong Kong, England, Victoria (Australia) and California. He has been a partner in a major California law firm for over ten years and practiced law in England and Hong Kong for nine years. He is currently in private consultation and legal practice in Los Angeles. He is a frequent speaker at universities and think tanks in China.

Mr. Leung was a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School, and has taught as adjunct faculty member at Stanford Law School, Loyola Law School, Hong Kong University Law School and University of Southern California Law School. He has contributed articles to American Journal of International Law, Asian Wall Street Journal and many law reviews, and has written six books in Chinese. In addition, he is a regular columnist and a broadcaster in Bloomberg, CNN, Voice of America and BBC Overseas Services. He received his BA at Hong Kong University, MSc at Birmingham University, and law degree at Oxford University.

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Can Chinese Enterprises Globalize?