Japan - China Update: Competition or Cooperation?


Japan - China Update: Competition or Cooperation?



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LMU's Center for Asian Business kicked off its 2014-2015 lecture season with a special presentation titled "Japan - China Update: Competition or Cooperation?" by Harry Horinouchi, Consul General of Japan, Los Angeles. Japan and China are often referred to as “rivals” in the Asia Pacific region – however, to what extent is this true or false? Mr. Horinouchi’s talk focused on recent developments between Asia’s two largest regional economies, and addressed the actual state of current Japan-China relations.

Mr. Horinouchi began by giving the audience an overview of recent events and developments between Japan and China, including fluctuations in tourism and trade. The two countries have had a rocky past but are starting to work more closely on aligning efforts. Horinouchi presented a number of photos showcasing unity and cooperation between leaders at various summits. Overall, Horinouchi is optimistic about the future relations between Japan and China and says the two countries appear to be headed in the right direction and progress is being made.

Horinouchi was appointed Consul General of Japan, Los Angeles in August of 2014. Over his decades-long career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), he spent over 10 years in China, and the remainder of his overseas postings in the United States. The post of Consul General in Los Angeles is his second U.S. mission. During home ministry assignments at MOFA headquarters in Tokyo, Horinouchi has been charged with legal affairs and treaties portfolios several times, in addition to Asian and Oceanian regional affairs and international intelligence analysis. He has written numerous law journal articles on international legal issues, authored one book published in China for Chinese readership, and has been a lecturer on international law at Waseda University’s Graduate School of Law. He is a graduate of the Law Faculty of Tokyo University, and also attended Nanjing University in China and Harvard Graduate School in Regional Studies.

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Japan - China Update: Competition or Cooperation?

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