Quality is Everyone's Business


Quality is Everyone's Business



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What is quality? Is functioning properly at 99 percent considered quality? Not necessarily, says Subir Chowdhury, a world authority in quality leadership, strategy and methods. Ninety-nine percent could still mean 5,000 incorrect surgeries or 100,000 automobile recalls.

“Quality is so important, so critical,” says Chowdhury, chairman and CEO of ASI Consulting Group LLC. “We need quality more than anything else.”

Hailed by The New York Times as a ‘leading quality expert’ and by Businessweek as ‘The Quality Prophet’, Chowdhury shared his wisdom with LMU students at a very special lecture presented by the Center for Asian Business. In his inspiring talk, he gave real-life examples from his experience working with global multinationals from all types of industries in East Asia, particularly in Korea. He also shared why quality should be each individual's responsibility and why leading a quality life is critical to professional and personal success.

Chowdhury told a touching story from his childhood which taught him the importance of having a quality mindset. When he was around six years old, his grandfather would hold up money in one hand and a pen in the other and ask him "Which would you rather have?" Chowdhury would always reach for the money, but his grandfather told him to never go after the money. "Always go after the pen and the money will follow because the pen is constantly innovating."

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Quality is Everyone's Business

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