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Coyotes Go “Bridge and Tunnel”: A Narrow Opportunity to Study the Socio-ecological Impacts of Coyote Range Expansion on Long Island, NY Pre- and Post-Arrival
Mark Weckel, Daniel A. Bogan, Russel L. Burke, Christopher Nagy, William F. Siemer, Timothy Green, and Numi Mitchell


The Urban Wildlife Conservation Program: Building a Broader Conservation Community
Natalie R. Sexton, Danielle Ross-Winslow, Marcia Pradines, and Alia M. Dietsch


How Environmental Justice Patterns are Shaped by Place: Terrain and Tree Canopy in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Adam Berland, Kirsten Schwarz, Dustin L. Herrmann, and Matthew E. Hopton


Loyola Marymount University


Wrap Up
Shilpa Rele and Greg Padilla

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