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Campus Access only Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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College of Communication and Fine Arts

First Advisor

Shane Acker

Second Advisor

José Garcia-Morena

Third Advisor

Adriana Jaroszewicz


Translating Abilities Between Artforms: Specifically Between Animation and Dance is a film thesis as well as a choreographic and research thesis. I set out to investigate the connection between what kind of work a dancer goes through to refine and get better at their art and how that same knowledge can be applied to the work done as an animator, and vice versa to see how the process of what an animator goes through to create a film can be applied to a dancer's work as well. After connecting these two art forms in this way, I then set out to test my discoveries by creating a film of my own combing my choreography and knowledge I have developed as a dance major along with my studies as an animation major.

During this process, I began to explore different techniques in both animation and dance and how they could be combined. While working on my thesis, I was able to experience first ha11d what it takes to make a film from its most early pre-production stages to the final post-production work and eventually screening the final version of a film in a theater. I did not constrict myself to only working within the limits of what I already knew how to do, and a lot of the work I did to complete my thesis involved learning new techniques and computer programs during the process. Ultimately, I created this thesis to show one example of how dance and animation could be combined together. Not only

did I want to explore a new way of artistically expressing my ideas through dance and animation but I wanted to let my talents assist in my exploration and in the creation of a new way for an audience to view dance. I hope that this thesis will also inspire others to exploring new ways of combining art forms and open their minds to the limitless possibilities that exist for them to express their ideas instead of feeling limited to only certain ideas or techniques.