Israel Handbook For Travelers

Israel Handbook For Travelers


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In this Israeli Literature* course, we investigated modern representations in literature and film of longing for the land of Israel. For whom is this land the object of longing, and why? Who feels a sense of ownership, or belonging, in the land? Does the feeling of belonging necessarily create an excluded other? Can one feel a belonging for the land while living outside of it, or conversely, can one live in a land and still long for it (or an idealized or imaginary other)? We neither solved nor resolved the real-life issues imaginatively realized by the writers and filmmakers. Rather, in this "HANDBOOK FOR TRAVELLERS," students had the opportunity to contemplate the issues by focusing on the ways in which four iconic Israeli authors presented a real landscape in their imaginary poetry and prose. The students were asked to locate at least three geographical sites suggested by the literature, and then to create text and find supporting visuals that offered a way to more fully understand--and visualize-- the landscape of Israel as seen in the literature. They paid close attention to what the imaginary representations—or stories-- could reveal about the people narrating them as well as their history and geopolitical underpinnings.

Publication Date

Spring 2016

Israel Handbook For Travelers