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It is imperative to foster data acumen in our university student population in order to respond to an increased attention to statistics in society and in the workforce, as well as to contribute to improved career preparation for students. This article discusses 13 learning outcomes that represent achievement of undergraduate data acumen for university level students across different disciplines.

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Anna Bargagliotti, Wendy Binder, Lance Blakesley, Zaki Eusufzai, Ben Fitzpatrick, Maire Ford, Karen Huchting, Suzanne Larson, Natasha Miric, Robert Rovetti, Kala Seal & Thomas Zachariah. (2020). Undergraduate Learning Outcomes for Achieving Data Acumen. Journal of Statistics Education, 28:2, 197-211, DOI: 10.1080/10691898.2020.1776653

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