Volume 7, Issue 2 (2017) Dignidad, Poder, Resistencia // Dignity, Power, Resistance

Messages from the Dominican Republic:

In these pages you will find the narratives and truths of 17 first-generation college students. Each word you read plays an essential part of creating visibility, space, and a process of self-love.

As you explore their stories, we ask that you question the familiar and unfamiliar. We ask that you make room for the questions that strike you and permit access to understanding, solidarity, and action. After all, we call these pages "alternate stories" for a reason--we aim to pierce through the normative-status of our surroundings, and in doing so, we piece together a socio-cultural history that is solely by us, for us, and, consequently, for you.

We invite you to explore, risk, alongside us. Welcome to Dignidad, Poder, Resistencia // Dignity, Power, Resistance.

Creative Nonfiction


Dignidad, Poder, Resistencia // Dignity, Power, Resistance
Michael Munoz, Alanis Gonzalez, Tallie Spencer, Isabelle Marin, Lesly Juarez, Christopher Reynoso, Antonia Garcia, Abigail Goad, Athena Martinez, Ruth Gomez, Angel Vazquez, Jazmin Quezada, Jasmine Segovia, Jordyn Wedell, Yulisa Gonzalez, Laura Mena Hernandez, and Keiri Fernandez