Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Marketing (MRKT)

First Advisor

Dr. Julian Saint Clair


Affordable housing for many is a right; for others, it is an unjustified public expense. Each country, state, and city have their own policies with merits and demerits. The provision of affordable housing can offer numerous benefits, including improved access to safe housing, reduced homelessness and housing insecurity, and economic and social well-being. However, there are also significant challenges associated with affordable housing policies, including financial sustainability, inadequate supply, segregation, and the concentration of poverty. This thesis investigates the affordable housing policies in the metropolitan area of Washington D.C. It discusses their effectiveness, inclusiveness, and sustainability, and how these policies have impacted low-income households and communities in the Capital area. Although progressive in some ways, the affordable housing policies in Washington D.C. have been largely ineffective and have resulted in negative consequences such as excessive vacancies, gentrification, and the perpetuation of social and economic inequality mostly based on race. This highlights the need for alternative solutions to address the housing crisis in the city.