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What stereotypes about working parents exist within the culture of academic libraries? In what ways are working mothers and fathers impacted by these stereotypes? How can institutions work to challenge these stereotypes and provide support for academic librarians who are balancing career advancement and family obligations? These are the three primary questions this panel will seek to address as part of “Recasting the Parentative: Seeking balance amidst the busyness.” Four panelists will discuss the preliminary results of a study of academic librarian-parent stereotypes and how those stereotypes affect academic library work. They will explore stories from academic librarians about their experiences as mothers and fathers in the workplace: how their roles as caretakers are perceived by their colleagues and how those perceptions impact aspects of academic work, including individual professionalization, institutional efficiency, collegiality, and career advancement. Furthermore, the panelists will offer recommendations for ways in which institutions can address the effects of these stereotypes. Audience members will be encouraged to share their experiences and offer advice to their colleagues. We want this panel to facilitate a brave space for discussing sensitive issues relating to the tension between being both full-time caretakers and full-time academics.