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Latino communities have long been parts of our society and culture, but many people, including in the mainstream media, have only recently noticed that 1/6 of the U.S. population is of Latino or Hispanic heritage. The United States is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, trailing only Mexico. This underrepresented demographic group is starting to receive more recognition in U.S. culture, including in its literature. Gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons make up another minority group that is increasingly visible in our culture. The subject of this bibliography is the intersection of these two minority groups, GLBT Latino/as.

This bibliography includes resources about gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons that have immigrated to the United States from Latin America, are Americans descended from Latin American immigrants, or are Puerto Rican (a Latin American U.S. territory). It includes a wide range of books, DVDs and a CD-ROM, and many Internet resources related to GLBT Latino/as. The books have all been published in print, although most of them may also be found as e-books. Separate sections contain memoirs, literary anthologies, novels, poetry, plays, graphic novels, and children’s and teen books. There is also an index of a few subtopics, such as Cuban-American, Puerto Rican, bisexual, and transgender resources. Each book, DVD, and CD-ROM has a link to the OCLC WorldCat record (when available) where you can see which libraries hold the item.