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In this research we investigate the consumer demographics impact on consumer strategic purchase behavior of seasonal goods. Our findings would be beneficial for retailers and firms in the fashion industry to help them decide how to do their price markdowns during the season. We develop different demographic segments as these segments react differently to price markdowns based on the factors that they have in common, and the elements which differentiates them. We use demographic factors to identify different market segments for seasonal products. We show that reducing the prices based on the expected response of different demographics segments in the market would help the retailer to plan the price markdowns in the seasonal goods industry, and also would help them in capturing the most out of different demographic segments in the market. Our findings can particularly be useful in terms of generating and managing demand, and selling the product in their best possible price.

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Namin, A. (2015). Do Consumer Demographics Affect Dynamic Price Markdowns of Seasonal Goods? Archives of Business Research, 3(5).