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Christology, M. Shawn Copeland, Heterosexism, Eucharistic Solidarity, Womanist, Queer


This paper explores the evolution of womanist Christology through the work of M. Shawn Copeland. To begin, the paper outlines womanist theological thought from the beginning, looking at the origins of womanism and early theologians who contributed to the discussion. Discussion narrows in on the tri-dimensional reality that Black women face in society and Copeland’s expansion of the notion to identify additional oppressive systems in place other than classism, racism, and sexism. Copeland’s Queer Jesus asks,“who is Jesus to us today?” in the discussion of heterosexism. The author argues that what further pushes Copeland’s Christology past early womanist theologians is her multi-dimensional approach. Copeland’s ecclesial sacramentality that appears in her Christology demands social interaction and discipleship to truly live out our lives as Jesus did.