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Divine unity, Communion, Suffering, Love, Mariology


Paul invites all people into a oneness with Christ and each other. It is a requirement in the Christian journey. The Holy Trinity is a communion of persons as One and we as the church are a communion of persons as one body of Christ. It is only by God’s Love that we can share in the inner life of the Holy Trinity, participating in a holy intimacy beyond our imagination. This Divine unity with the Holy Trinity and others is made possible through Mary’s heart, the Eucharist, and our willingness to undergo unavoidable sufferings for the sake of Christ and the Church just like Paul. The fruit of these transformative difficulties is Christ Himself being revealed in His glory in others. We need Christ in others to be saints and to be able to enkindle the fire of Divine unity in others. Christ needed Mother Mary and so do we. She continually allows the Love and communion of the Holy Trinity to come forth into this world, through her heart, into ours. Mary can help us to be vulnerable to one another as we are in the midst of our suffering. We can become open to being in communion with one another as we endure our afflictions. The death and resurrection of Christ transforms these times of darkness into entrances into the depths of His heart. We become more known by God and others when we can receive God’s Love together as one as we suffer. The way to enter into this union is through the gentleness of Mary and the gift of the Eucharist. We are made holy as we relinquish our distrust of God while gently and continually receiving the Eucharist with Mary’s openness to Divine Love. As we partake in the Body and Blood of Christ, in communion with our brothers and sisters in Christ, the Resurrection takes place in us. Other people who were also created by God will have a gentle breeze blow the kindling coals in their spirit and they will begin to become alive with this fire of Divine unity. The revelation of God’s glory will glimmer as the Kingdom of God unfolds in our midst. The beauty of Holy Communion with God and our brothers and sisters will make any suffering we endured a joy. As Christ needed Mary to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth, so do we need others to help us participate in the Christian life. We need Christ in one another to persevere through the sufferings that befall us on our journey. Paul encourages us with holy encouragement to see the gift of sharing in the Cross of Christ for our brothers and sisters. This Divine unity makes it easy to allow our difficulties to go from bitter to bittersweet as we remain with one another in the mystery of being made holy together. We participate as one body in the Paschal Mystery and the Love of God is made manifest on earth in us.