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Liberation Theology, Preferential Option for the Poor, Immigration, United States


The United States, due to its economic stability and abundant opportunities (among other reasons), has attracted many immigrants from across the globe, but particularly those from Latin America. The reality is that while many immigrate under more favorable circumstances, the majority of Latinos/as (usually the ones most in need) embark on a dangerous journey, overcoming the difficulties they encounter on the way. Although there is great hope in having arrived to the U.S., for those who make it to the other side of the frontier, their suffering often continues as their social status becomes that of undocumented immigrants. Through the lens of liberation theology, which demands praxis and favors God’s preferential option for the poor, this paper argues that it is God’s will for the poor to be liberated, for humanity to live in peaceful harmony, and for Christians to love one another despite our differences. It is important not only to theologize on the parallelisms of people’s suffering and that of Christ, it is also essential to take concrete action in alleviating the suffering of immigrants in the United States.