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Christology, Óscar Romero, Injustice, Justice, Jesus’s Legacy, Transcendence, Poor, Marginalized


To truly follow Christ requires more than a profession of belief; following Christ requires a commitment to walking in his footsteps, acting as he did. As a follower of Christ, one must commit themselves to bearing the fruit of Jesus’s legacy, which requires one to look honestly at the reality of the world and the injustices that exist. The life of Monseñor Óscar Romero provides an example for following the model of Jesus Christ. Romero’s own life and ministry in El Salvador bore the fruit of Jesus’s legacy. In dedicating his life to the people, especially those on the periphery, Romero embodies what it truly means to be a Christian. Christians today have this same responsibility and ability. Jon Sobrino’s Essay Helping Jesus’ Legacy to Bear Fruit in the Churches recounts the life of Romero’s ministry dedicated to preserving the true ministry of Jesus Christ. Sobrino presents four propositions on how to live a life that truly follows the example of Jesus Christ, just as he argues Romero did. These propositions provide the framework for true discipleship. To follow Jesus and continue to bear his legacy on earth, we must address the sufferings in the world, we must care for all people, and we must take responsibility for our actions and works. Following Christ was never promised to be easy; it requires us to do more than profess a faith, it requires us to live as Jesus. In the face of injustices in our current society of a global pandemic, political unrest, racial injustice, and a gamut of ethical issues, true discipleship is more necessary that ever. Christian persons have a responsibility to bring Christ to the world, to bring the transcendent God to earth. To live a life of true discipleship requires a great deal of grace and humility. In this paper, I recount the significance of Romero’s ministry and the urgency that is needed for this same approach in the Church today.