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The Los Angeles Hindu-Catholic Dialogue recently organized a workshop at Loyola Marymount University on Teaching Hinduism in Catholic High Schools (May 2010). Initiated by a Hindu member of the Dialogue who was disturbed by the World Religions textbook used in a local Catholic high school, the workshop's goal was to help teachers of World Religions at Catholic high schools teach Hindu traditions more accurately and respectfully. The daylong event featured sessions on Hindu Perspectives on Education, Resources and Strategies in Teaching Hinduism, and small group dialogues between Hindu speakers and attendees and Catholic teachers.

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Saradeshaprana, Pravrajika and Tiemeier, Tracy Sayuki (2011) "Viewpoint: Teaching Hinduism in Catholic High Schools," Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies: Vol. 24, Article 10. doi: 10.7825/2164-6279.148.

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