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Lauren Conn

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Cahn utilized a history major and Jewish studies minor to write her fictional piece for Dr. Michael Datcher’s Creative Writing class of fall 2013. “The Pink and Yellow Star” tells the story of a young woman’s struggle to survive as a homosexual during the Holocaust. There were many difficulties writing this heavy-handed of a story, both factually and emotionally. Cahn wanted to make good the motto that Jews had promised, “Never again.” However, she believed that Jews and most of the world had not abided by this ideal. There’s still genocide in the world; there’s still discrimination, oppression, and persecution. This paper is more than just a simple narrative; it is a research paper, it is an argumentative paper, and it is a very, very persuasive paper. It is truly deserving of the Director’s Prize. It is a demonstration of raw talent and a glimpse into Cahn’s future work as an aspiring activist and genocide educator.