Marc Snyder


This research study was designed to provide a formal evaluation of the academic achievement of homeschooled students compared to traditionally schooled students attending a Catholic university located in South Florida. In addition, this study offers empirical data for all those interested in the academic success of homeschooled students in higher education, in particular, in Catholic colleges and universities. Using archival data, 408 students were evaluated based on their four-year secondary school type: 137 public-schooled students; 142 Catholic schooled students; and 129 homeschooled students. Equally weighted criteria were overall SAT or ACT scores, overall college grade-point average (GPA), GPA by major, and core GPA. A statistically significant difference was found between homeschooled students and traditionally schooled students in ACT and SAT scores and overall GPA, showing value to the institution and supporting the literature with regards to the academic viability of homeschooled students in college.



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