Dame Many good books on the theory and practice of the Catholic university have been published. The modest aim here is not to try to outdo or replace them, but only to provide something of an autobiographical account and musings of one who has served as a director of a humanities program at Notre Dame for over 15 years. The hope is that “Tales From the Front” will resonate with some readers or at least lead them to reflect upon the challenges of their own work in Catholic teaching or administration. A Lesson From a Sarcastic Jesus Dawn Nothwehr, OSF Quincy University Mutuality is a salient feature of any spirituality that is authentically Catholic. While there are at least four different forms of mutuality, a comprehensive view of its various forms establishes mutuality as a formal moral norm for Christian conduct. As such, mutuality proves to be a vital incarnational principle that can assist Catholic educators in critically evaluating their ministry.



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