Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer students at Catholic colleges and universities face a campus climate rife with sexual orientation microaggressions, subtle or covert expressions of hostility the impact from which can compound over time. In this case study, I draw from interviews with 14 students, 12 faculty, and 6 staff members from one Catholic university their experiences with microaggressions. Participants indicated that sexual orientation microaggressions were common on their campus, like other colleges and universities, and the university did not have a systematic method for addressing this problem. The Catholic affiliation of the university shaped microaggressions uniquely, especially in instances where influential actors felt Church teaching needed to be more explicitly represented in LGBQ-related programming. Microaggressions are an affront to LGBQ people’s inherent dignity; this study lends support to the efforts of educators at Catholic schools who are concerned with ensuring an inclusive, safe learning environment.



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