The twin uncertainties of the pandemic and the economic downturn have taken a toll on our Catholic schools. Yet reports across the country are that Catholic schools have been very successful in remote learning.

Although there are well-documented efforts to define the values of Catholic schools, these values are not fully known and there is still not a well-crafted national value proposition for Catholic schools. As the context surrounding Catholic schools has changed, it has become imperative that Catholic schools coalesce around a new value proposition during uncertain times. What follows is an attempt by a group of dedicated Catholic school stakeholders determined to change the narrative. As our schools have pivoted to new forms of delivery and connections, this ad hoc group represents the same type of creative efforts to form a community.

As a committee, we identified five themes of hope that can continue to guide the work and witness of our Catholic schools: prayer, partnership with families, personalization, persistence, and planning. In the following sections, we provide a rationale and overview of each theme. We also include relevant testimonials of diverse stakeholders to illuminate each theme and give voice to the hope across our school communities.



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