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Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 (2020) For Those Who Grew Too Fast

This volume welcomes you amid multiple global epidemics. It welcomes you home, hoping that these words provide visibility, comfort, introspection, and roadmap for pushing boundaries. We know we are tired, we know we are facing uncertainty at every turn, and we know that connection is wearing thin. This collection of words serves as an “I see you,” as an “I am with you,” as an “I love you.” These pieces came together toward end of the Spring 2020, when a group of first-year and transfer students came together to speak their existence. They bring memories and a reminder that together we can construct a culture that builds upon our truth and possibility. Education can be an epicenter of civic imagination, innovative directions in service justice, and above all, radical love. This volume is a testament to this. Welcome to First-Gen Voices Volume Nine: For Those Who Grew Too Fast.

Creative Nonfiction


For Those Who Grew Too Fast
Erik Soto-Vasquez, Leonardo Dominguez-Ortega, Kiana Liu, Veronica Gomez, Maria Fernanda Meléndez Miranda, Megan McNaughton, Haley Gronski, Quetzali Lopez, Marieann Garzon, Brisa Gutierrez, Saúl Rascón Salazar, Mariel Fuentes, Renato Guzman, Karina Pena, Aviva Schwaiger, Denise Espinoza, Tiana Lockett, Katherine Comasil-Hernandez, Ashley McCluskey, Brayan Vazquez, Manuel Armendariz Castro, and Hannah Agbaroji



Children of the Corn
Quetzali Lopez