About This Journal

The JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ART THERAPY is an online peer-reviewed publication. It is sponsored by the Graduate Department of Marital and Family Therapy with Specialized Training in Art Therapy and housed within the College of Communication and Fine Art at Loyola Marymount University. The journal aspires to explore current art therapy knowledge and to support the development of our practice within a systemic frame. Specifically, the journal is informed by mental health practices in the US and internationally, engagement in artistic processes and a broad understanding of diversity.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Currently accepting submissions for our next edition. Submission deadline Feb. 6, 2023

We invite you to submit a full length article describing original research or discussing theory and practice in clinical art therapy. Specifically, we welcome scholarly or systematic explorations of clinical topics that contribute to art therapists' professional development and the expansion of our field's body of knowledge. We are especially interested in work that reflect culture, diversity and interdisciplinary collaborations within the field of art therapy. Submissions, which must be less than 5,500 words and adhere to APA format, will follow a blind review selection processes. More details for the submission requirements are provided under "Policies."

For more information please contact Joyce Yip Green