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This bibliography brings together publications about the Gabrielino/Tongva Nation of Southern California. It includes books, periodical and newspaper articles, dissertations, and government documents, and covers the Nation’s rich history, from prehistoric times to the present. The bibliography is inspired by Mary La Lone’s Gabrielino Indians of Southern California: An Annotated Ethnohistoric Bibliography, and continues where she left off in 1976. Her bibliography contained 182 items, all of which are included in this volume as well as 374 items post 1976.

One of the goals of the project was to acquire as many of the items for the Loyola Marymount University Library collection. Of the 556 items listed the Library has 476 items and the bibliography notes where items can be located if not at LMU. We believe the LMU Gabrielino/Tongva holdings are among the most comprehensive in Southern California. Funding for the project came from LMU and private parties.

The items in this collection are listed alphabetically, and can be found in the collections of the Loyola Marymount University Library. Many of the items are housed in the Gabrielino/Tongva Collection in the Archives and Special Collections department (Collection Number 065). Many of the other items in the bibliography are located in the main stacks of the Library, and have call numbers listed after their citations.

Each item in the bibliography is numbered in connection to its location in the Loyola Marymount collection. Items in Archives and Special Collections are stored in numerical order. In addition, there is a title index at the end of this bibliography that also lists the number of each item.

This bibliography also contains a supplemental list of reading materials about the Gabrielino/Tongva Tribe. There were items Loyola Marymount was unable to obtain due to copyright issues, as well as many that are only available for viewing in government and public libraries. If you are interested in locating these items, their citations can be found in the supplemental list.