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This article reports on the development and results of a recent survey of academic librarians about their attitudes, involvement, and perceived capabilities using and engaging in primary research. The purpose of the survey was to inform the development of a continuing education program in research design. It updates earlier studies of academic librarian research; with the introduction of a confidence scale, it also contributes new insights regarding how prepared librarians believe themselves to be with regard to conducting research. The authors found that confidence in one’s ability to perform the discrete steps in the research process is a statistically significant predictor of a librarian conducting research and disseminating the results. The analysis of the responses to the confidence scale and other survey questions suggests several paths for future research about academic librarians and their research agendas.

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Kennedy, Marie R., and Kristine R. Brancolini. "Academic Librarian Research: A Survey Of Attitudes, Involvement, And Perceived Capabilities." College & Research Libraries 73.5 (2012): 431-448.

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© 2012 Marie R. Kennedy and Kristine R. Brancolini, Attribution-NonCommercial ( CC BY-NC