About Us

The Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review is a publication devoted to the advancement of legal scholarship. Publishing articles on all legal topics, the Law Review seeks to identify and advance new legal research by scholars, practitioners, and students. Recent issues of the Law Review have included articles on parent-child privilege, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Eighth Circuit reversal rates, and noneconomic damages.

The Law Review publishes four issues per year. One issue is a symposium composed of articles from pre-selected authors. One issue titled Developments in the Law comprises student-written articles on a specific area of law. For at least one issue per year, we accept submissions on any topic received during the course of the year. We welcome submissions and symposium proposals from judges, professors, practitioners, and law clerks. We do not, however, consider work by current law students, other than Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review editors and staff.

Write-on Competition:

The Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review selects its members through the annual Write-on Competition. Competitors write an essay of approximately ten pages based on a packet of supplied research materials. The essay and an accompanying Bluebook exercise are reviewed by current Law Review editors.

For information about applying to the Review and our student programs, please see the Write-on Competition page at the LLS website.