Symposium Proposals and Manuscript Submissions

The Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review publishes four issues per year. At least one issue is a symposium composed of articles from pre-selected authors. For at least one issue per year, we accept submissions on any topic received during the course of the year. We welcome submissions and symposium proposals from judges, professors, practitioners, and law clerks. We do not, however, consider work by current law students, other than Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review editors and staff.

Symposium Proposals:

Proposals should be as specific as possible, setting forth the title of the symposium, its coordinator, rationale, topic’s timeliness and significance, and proposed authors. While the overall length of the symposium issue will have to be determined between the coordinator and the Law Review, we prefer to work with ten authors or fewer.

Manuscript Submissions:

Articles, essays, and book reviews from law professors, judges, judicial clerks, and practitioners are welcome. While we will review submissions of any length, we prefer articles under 25,000 words (including footnotes). All citations must conform with The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (21st ed. 2020).


We strongly prefer electronic submissions through Scholastica or e-mailed to the Chief Articles Editor in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. Hard-copy submissions should be in Times New Roman 11 or larger-sized font, printed only on one side of the page, utilize footnotes instead of endnotes, and have numbered pages. Hard-copy submissions should be addressed to:

Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review
Attn: Chief Articles Editor
919 Albany Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

All submissions must include a cover letter, which should prominently feature the following:

  • The title of the manuscript
  • An e-mail address (we will not acknowledge receipt without an e-mail address)
  • A mailing address
  • A daytime telephone number
  • A word count for the manuscript (including footnotes)
  • A separate word count for the footnotes

In addition, submissions should include:

  • A brief abstract (under 250 words) on a separate page
  • A copy of the manuscript