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Business is in a state of rapid adaptation,moving from the industrial to the information age. The pervasiveness of the Internet continues to accelerate. In his book The Business of E-Commerce, May reported that the number of people connected to the Internet increased from 171 million people in May of1999 to over 200 million people in September of the same year. The proliferation of Internet and technology use in organizations has important implications for organizations in general, and human resources (HR) in particular. Effective management of human resources can provide organizations with a significant competitive advantage in adapt-ing to the challenges of the 21st century.However, there have been few investigations that provide a comprehensive look at how human resource management (HRM) has been affected by the Internet and technology.

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Ensher, Ellen & NIELSON, TROY & Grant-Vallone, Elisa. (2002). Tales from the Hiring Line: Effects of the Internet and Technology on HR Processes. Organizational Dynamics - ORGAN DYN. 31. 224-244.