This article explores the relevance and challenge of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and internationalization to the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program at the University of San Diego. These issues are discussed in the context of a graduate level course on human diversity that culminated in a 1-day cultural immersion and service learning trip to Tijuana, Mexico. Students learned firsthand about the legacies of colonialism, poverty, and injustice as well as the resilience and potential of rural Mexican communities to transform these experiences into new cultural and business practices, healing, and survival against many odds. Excerpts from student essays suggest the potential for MFT programs to create a space in Catholic higher education in which the intersection of CST and MFT could be openly examined and realized with opportunities to create new knowledge and energy to work for social change and justice beyond the borders. The pedagogical challenges, recommendations, and areas for future inquiry are discussed.



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