Volume 7, Issue 3 (2017) Live. Tell. Resist.

Welcome to the tellings of us:

Surviving the intricate nature of higher education requires collective strength, recognition of identity, and action. Creating space for our personal journeys entails defying the restrictive rules of educative norms and rewriting them to include our voice, history, and understanding of self. Doing so is not an easy task. It involves processes of recollection, and consequently, healing. It involves conversation, bouts of vulnerability, and the physical movement of pairing our minds and hearts to the pen and paper in hand.

Considering this, we welcome you to explore the work you will find in this seventh general issue of First-Gen Voices. Considering this, we ask that you recollect and heal, we ask that you connect with our stories wherever you might be. And in doing so, join our revolution, for our movement is one that extends past our surroundings. It is one that asks for an engagement that will merge your story and ours.

Welcome to the tellings of us. We're glad that you've made it home.

Creative Nonfiction


Live. Tell. Resist.
Angel Vazquez, Kyle Liang, Anthony Zelaya-Umanzor, Rosie Mejia, Patricia Gutierrez, Kayla Hampton, MariaCarolina Gomez, Melissa Martinez-Sanchez, Harman Brah, Victoria Arevalo, Tyra Cecilio, Dion Dang, Camila De Pierola, Noemi Fernandez Luna, Isabelle Marin, Mackenzie Mead, Jason Munoz, Daniel Penuela, Andrei Pineda, Patrick Pozon, Larissa Ramirez, Jasmine Segovia, Julien Stone Zachary, Aira Wada, Jiaxing Yu, Ariana Siordia, and Jazmin Quezada

Recorded Art


Wake Up
Kayla Hampton