Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Exploring the Lost Art of Attention Through Making: Undivided, Sydney Franz

Dancing for the Being; A Teaching Exploration of Invertigo Dance Theater's Dancing Through Parkinson's Classes, Madeline Hamill

The Balanced Dancer: Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness, and Sports Certification, Julie Johnson

Visual Mutations: A Rhythm and Texture Embodied Dance Experiment Through A Multi-Media and Interactive Experience, Danielle King

Cinco, Seis, Siete, Ocho, Christina Kochenderfer

We Remain Artists: A Photographic/Ethnographic Installation, Sydney Kramer

Yoga Certification, Amanda Matthews

Dance and Well-being in Older Adult Communities: Exploring Efficacy as a Mediator, Beth McGowan

Daydream Album Release Experience: Exploring the Role as a Creative Director and the Beauty of Collaboration, Angelica Migliazza

From Studio to Stage: The Rehearsal Process, Emily C. Pavelka

Rhetorical Circumference: Building Relationships and Conversations, Sarina Ramirez-Ortiz

Senior Thesis: P.S., Summer Salazar

Dance and the Entertainment Industry: How Television and Movies Portray an Art Form as Spectacle and Sport, Jennifer Volanti

NASM Personal Training Certification, Carrie Anne Whitelam

Live Dance Attendance and Alternative Forms of Entertainment: A Study of Preference Profiles for Live Dance Attendance in Relation to Potential Imperfect Technological Substitutes, Bennett E. Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Arts Management: An Exploration into Non-Profit Arts Administration and Events Management, Lauryn Cavanagh

A Journey Through the Physical Therapy Field: An Application of the Dancer Screening Process, Amy Edgley

Medical Emergencies and Wellness in College, Kelsey Marie Glidewell

Perspectives Behind the Scenes: Investigations with Performing Arts Management and Consulting Services at Cadence Arts Network, Inc., Charissa Kroeger

Dance, and How to Prep: A Warm Up Routine for Dancers, Marina Kusaba

The Life-World of Professional Dance: Discovering the Mind-Body Craft of Intention, Investiation, and Commitment of Being a Dance Artist, Chloe Lafleur

A Collection of Somebodies: Exploring the Human Voice as a Score for Movement, Miranda Ordoñez

The Benefits of Pilates: Mind and Body, Sierra Portera

Jesse J: The SurREALism Tour, Joshua Rivera

Ad Astra per Aspera: A Somatic Journey and Performance, Abigail Samson

Pilates for Ballet, Audra C. Simmon

Finding Your Flow; An Exploration of the Symbiotic Relationship Between Yoga and Dance, Mary E. Wiederaenders

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Adversaries of Dance in Christian Tradition: A Study of the Propriety of Dance in Praise and Worship, Cameo Beard

Managing and Cherishing Uniqueness: Yoga Therapy as a Holistic Approach for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Lindsey Ruth Briggs

Power Vinyasa Yoga Certification: Flowing to Stillness, Kylie Brunngraber

Artist Speaks: A Thesis Presentation from Faith, Imani Hayes

200-Hour Teacher Training Program: Yoga and the Healing Sciences, Ena Kirima

Co-Directing a Student Dance Concert, Rina Kirima

Studying and Experiencing Movement Through Dance: An Internship Thesis, Samantha Sawicki

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Beginning, Brian Michael Esperon

Dancing Towards Change: A Study on the Values of Dance Education, Jazel Tricia Griarte Serate

Evolution Fitness. Entrepreneurship: A Business Plan for the Opening of a Fitness Center, Jordan Sessions

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

Finding Balance: An Internship Thesis with BARE Dance Company, Victoria Ashley-Park Acker

"Liminal": The Entrance to the Journey of Self Discovery, Ellie Biddle

Learning What it Takes: An Analysis of Performance and Researtch in Concert Dance and Creative Work with BARE Dance Company, Jovan Dansberry

The Duet of Dance and Drama, Julisa Golden

Developing the Body and Mind: Pilates Certification through Body Arts and Science International, Emily Rose Hopper

The Divine between Spirituality and Movement: An African Centered Analysis, Chadric Johnson

The Purpose of Life in Christian Faith in the Areas of Literature and Dance, Lyung Ha Kim

Why Children Should Dance? A Study of Physical, Cognitive, and Affective Benefits of Dance for Children, Alyssa Maurino

Body Arts and Science International Pilated Certification, Layne Rodrigues

Find Your Light: An In-Depth Exploration of Lighting Design for Dance Performance, Heather Romanowski

Pilates Certification, Cassidee Sandoval

Ne M'oubliez Pas, Taylor Sayig

Awake: A Study of Dance Performance, Shae Stanton

Discover(me) The Journey to the Stage, Nicole A. Sylva

Downside Up: A Show Combining Dance and Photography, Loretta A. Toso

Pilates for the Dancers Body, Ann Verderame

Yoga Certification: Yogaworks 200-hour Teacher Training Program: A Study of Incoporating Yoga and Ayurveda into a Dancer's Life, Samantha M. Whidby

BASI Pilates Certification with Dance Specialization, Rose Xing

"The Beauty is in the Journey" Yoga Instuctor Certification, Jennifer Michelle Zepp

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

Entre Nous (Between Us): A Choreographic Thesis, Blair Brown

From Modern to Musical Theater: A Comparative Performance Thesis Linking the Genres, Danielle Lanae Burdick

Intersect Dance Theatre: Resurrected, Nelly Camacho

Student Assistant Director/Producer for the LMU 2010 Student Dance Concert, Animate!, Sarah Cox

Doubted: A Study of Feminism Through Dance, Christina D'Arrigo

Inclusion of Boy-Energy in the Dance Education Curricula, Azalea Echavarria

Musical Theatre: An American Art Form, Nicole Fein

Body , Mind, and Soul: A Holistic Approach to Massage, Sridevi Bhadrakali Flora Fournier

Senior Thesis: A Research Project, Caroline Gutilla

Exploration of Yoga: Yoga Certification and Personal Reflection, Lauren Jenkins

Chaotic Journey to a New Perspective: A Performance Thesis, Felicia L. Kelley

Captured by the Moment: Salsa Performance Thesis, Maria Ninos

Distorted Images: The Yin Yang Representation of Two Opposing Races Complementing Each Other in Dance, Cristina Pickett

The Art of Dance, The Wonder of Life: A Philosophical Evaluation of the Practice of Dance, Cheryl Smith

Senior Thesis: Project: Body Arts and Science International Pilates Certification-Dance Specialized, Kelly Stanley

The Ins and Outs of Pilates: Body and Business-E.L.T. Pilates Co. in the Making, Emily Tomeu

Thrive: How Dancers Survive in Economic Crisis, Tiffany M. Too

Sextet in C# Major: Fusion of the Codified with the Quirky, Heather Ursulum

Is it Hip or Not? Call it Hip-Hop, Amber Lapree Waterford

The Joy and Passion of Dance: Finding the Dance in Everyone: A Study of Choreographing and Teaching the Masses, Jenessa Marie Wigler

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Publicizing Dance: A Journey to Discover Public Relations in Dance, Emily Anderson

The Human Body…Every Body: BASI Pilates Certification, Megan Christine Bostwick

Senior Thesis, Cassondra Cole

Performance Thesis, Alexandra Crow

Final Senior Thesis Project: Choreography, Lily Curtis-Harris

The Psychological Benefits of Yoga: Depression and Anxiety, Allison Fargo

The Process, Heather M. Francis

Senior Thesis: Internship, Megan Hanley

What Is Performing, Kara Hess

Hatched: An Internship/Production Thesis, Alice MacDonald

Pilates Certification, Claudia A. Maesella

Senior Dance Thesis, Chaundra Martino

The Process of Making Art: A Collaboration Between Young, Aspiring Artists, Kate Overholt

Musical Theater: An Integration of the Arts, Macy Reyes

Adolescence and Dance: The Effect Dance Has On the Emotional, Physical, and Intellectual Development of Teenaged Girls, Danielle Tanney

Sarah Thomason's Senior Thesis, Sarah Thomason

"Black Dance" & Other Related Politics, Tulani Simone Weeks

LMU Dance Clubs Brochure, Alyssa Marie Wijnveldt

For Your Viewing Pleasure, Alaina Williams

Performance Thesis, Ashley Celaya Willingham

War & Love/Love & War: A Choreographic/Research Thesis, Jasmine Young

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Performance Thesis, Kate Grace Bennett

Dancing to Learn: Exploring Cross Curricular Connections in Dance and High School, Amanda Blanchard

Senior Thesis Project: BASI Pilates Certification, Marisa Francisca Boyle