Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Dance Thesis, Stacey Lynn Eastham

Senior Thesis: Pilated Certification, SaraAnne Fahey

Be Assured: Choreographic Thesis, Kara Girod

Senior Thesis Project, Jennie Groom

Senior Thesis, Jessica Jadron

Caverna: A Dance Film and Choreographic Thesis Project, Stephanie Michelle Jamieson

CEDE, Meagan Kong

Interpersonal Communication in Dance, Amy LeNoble

The Science of Healing. The Art of Caring, Annie Marshall

Perceptions on Performance, Evan Hart Marsh

Finding a Strength within a Weakness: Preparation for Pilates Certification, Kerry Anne McMahon

Senior Thesis, Bridget McNally

Impressions: A Choreographic Journey, Ashley Paige

Performance Thesis, Andrea Parson

Reflective Envy: A Choreographic Thesis, Jenna Patterson

Full of Grace: A Comprehensive Study of Competitive Dance as a Form of Art and Education, Deborah Porto

Senior Thesis: An Internship at Lula Washington Dance Theater, Erin Preisinger

Senior Thesis Project, Amber Rabbani

"Four Years Better" Senior Thesis Project, Karen Reynolds

Senior Thesis: Fragile Future: The Evolution of the Recording Industry, Karlee Rigby

Senior Thesis, Kelly Stephenson

Pilates Certification Senior Thesis Project, 2008, Pamela Sweetnam

An Evening of Concert Dance, Corrente Vivace

Perform. Be., Chelsa Wolfson

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Dance and Wellness Through the Art of Pilates, Kristina Bemis

Remembrance: A Choreographic Thesis, Rachel Butler-Green

Dance Senior Thesis, Josephine Chapman

What's at the Top? A Choreographic Thesis, Diana Delcambre

Choreographic Thesis, Kaitlin Harney

Arts Education: Creating A Whole Person, Ella Marie Harris

"On The Shelf:" A Choreographic Process, Nicholas Andreas Heitzeberg

What is Activist Art?, Rebecca Sue Arlene Jackson

A Thesis on Performance, Nancy Karr

Senior Thesis, Emily Luttio

Dancing to Heal: Dance Movement Therapy Research and Insight, Michelle Patrice Mendoza

Senior Thesis Project: Lip Sync Production, Alison Moodie

Aerial Dance: A Critical Analysis of the Form, Kristin Ostebee

Coming Into My Own, Patrick M. Rogart

Hip-Hop is… A Choreographic & Ethnographic Thesis, Kelli Scates

Reflection on Self: A Process of Finding my Artistry through my Thesis, Tashika D. Smith

Choreographic Senior Thesis, Holly Strasbaugh

Yoga as a Therapy for Depression: Senior Thesis Portfolio, Lisa C. Vigran

I. D. Me, Eileen Waukau

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Oscillation: A Choreographic Thesis, Arletta Anderson

"A Warm-Up for Actors Using Dance:" Physicality and the Actor, Jennifer Bailey

Dancer Go: A Perfomance Thesis, Shawn Beck-Gifford

Senior Thesis Paper, Christina Crapotta

"Tread": Senior Choreographic Thesis, Emily DePauw

Delving into Music and Dance: An Intricate Investigation, Shannon Fahs

The Growth of the Young Female Dancer: Mind, Body, and Spirit, Jessica Fuqua

Senior Dance Thesis, Lorene Gingerich

Inside Out, Susi Jenkins

Senior Thesis, Marisa Xochtl Jimenez

One (Senior Choreographic Thesis), Jennifer Ashlen Kain

Introducing Perris McCraken's Performance Thesi, Perris McCracken

A Study in Paths, Passions, and Persistence, Brianna Moore

Arts Management for Dance Companies, Alice Ngo

A Night in Brazil: Senior Thesis Portfolio, Viviane Rojas

Senior Thesis, Tamara Nicole Roos

Dance, Music and Development, Andrea Weiss

Textual Exploration: A Closer Look at Beat Street and its Authenticity Claims, Christine Ye

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Dance Senior Thesis, Katrina M. Duncan

Senior Thesis, Alyssa Marrin Eichelberger

Senior Thesis, Rebecca Rae Greenbaum

Senior Thesis, Melinda M. Ritchie

Senior Dance Thesis, Sarah Romanowsky

Merrie Monarch Festival Inspires Creation of Battling Goddesses, Megan Tipping

Thesis Presentation, Janae Angela Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

A Choreographic Process, Sara Clayton

Dance Senior Thesis, Rashanna Renee Dennis

Senior Research Thesis, Rekesha Rochelle Dennis

Senior Thesis: Royal Academu of Dance, Adrianna Fiori

Sr. Thesis Workbook, Marjani Akida Forté

A Thesis on Performance: Shape of My Heart, Sabrina Garrison

8 Women 3 Chairs (Number.8), Sara Kay

Performing: A Senior Thesis, Kristin McCollum

Organizational Commuication Culture of Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Michelle Tzu Chen Pan

Senior Thesis Project, Erin Romo

Senior Thesis, Billy Walsh

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Senior Thesis, Laila Abdullah

Senior Thesis, Amy Michele Allen

Dance Senior Thesis, Rashanna Dennis

A Senior Thesis: "Performing", Michelle Felton

Dance Senior Thesis, Greta Kent-Stoll

Senior Thesis Project, Megan Misslin

Dance Senior Thesis, Jennifer A. Symons

Senior Thesis, Kathryn Weisbeck

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Thesis, Tawna Crone

Senior Thesis, Jess Harper

Senior Dance Thesis, Danielle Haskin

Senior Thesis: Project, Jennifer Kakuno

In Conclusion…Taking a Final Bow, Monica Miller

Now and Then - A Journey in Art, Carson Murphy

A Senior Thesis, Erin Riley

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Senior Dance Thesis, Brandy Bickle

Impression Management of Dancers at Auditions for the L.M.U. Faculty Dance Concert, Monica Dutta


Dance Senior Thesis, Amy Farnsley

To Live is to Dance, To Dance is to Live: Senior Thesis, Yvette B. Franco


Senior Thesis Project, Teresa Henderson


Happy Feet: The Organizational Communication Culture of Loyola Marymount University's Dance Program, Megan Lenihan